The Relay Adjuster will make all the necessary size changes and adjustments to all assigned machines. They have to monitor the performance of the assigned machines and operator to ensure proper quality. The professionals have to take responsibility for run speed standards. The adjuster services or repairs a variety of client telecommunication equipment. Additional responsibilities include:

  • Responsibility for loading and unlrelays from test sockets and tray
  • Performance of visual, mechanical and workmanship inspection of the relay with the help of microscope magnification
  • Dressing of the coil lead with the help of adjusting tools to raise and lower the actuator beads
  • Caring for the position of the actuator bead based on the moving contact
  • Following company policies and procedures when completing all routine tasks
  • Enthusiasm for cross-training in various other areas of the organization
  • Assistance with semi-routine assignments and waiting for further instruction
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